The Association for Christian Ministries is a voluntary association we formed to accommodate people who have a God-given calling.

This voluntary association perfectly suits the ministry in which you are serving people.

A Christian ministry is the expression of the priesthood of a Christian believer and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. This goes hand in hand with the function of the local church, as a community with a variety of ministries serving God’s people and beyond. We invite you to join hands and hearts across traditional borders and serve the people with your gifts.

The benefits of becoming part of the Association for Christian Ministries include:

  • An assessment process to enable you to name and classify your ministry. This self-classification helps you to look beyond terms like ‘just in a lay ministry, ‘only a tent-maker’ or ‘merely a pensioner’. You have so much more experience to offer the people around you. Looking further than these limiting descriptors helps you to use weekly strategies to encourage, uplift and teach you Biblical-based wisdom for your ministry. You can expect to receive these offerings in a daily electronic newsletter, a weekly ministry-related poster and a weekly online workshop – Wisdom for Ministry.

  • Helping you to value your testimony and calling in a way that has been tried and tested for more than 32 years. Although the Association for Christian Ministries was launched on 1 July 2020 (Video link) we are standing on the proverbial shoulders of Inter Trauma Nexus.

Inter Trauma Nexus started off as a community-based victim support project and grew in stature, experience and expertise. As a full-fledged Christian Community Network, we are extending our wings to offer covering and acknowledgement for more ministries.

The leadership of the Association for Christian Ministries created a place where you can choose to belong. There is a place for associates, affiliates and friends.

An associate is a person who is in an official partner relationship with the Association for Christian Ministries.

An association is a formal relationship in which a person is a member of the Association for Christian Ministries by accepting the code of ethics and subscribing to the goal and objectives. In this Association it is a partnership membership with extensive benefits and possible responsibilities.

An affiliate is a person who is officially attached to the Association for Christian Ministries.

Affiliation is also the formal relationship in which a person is a member of the Association for Christian Ministries by accepting the code of ethics and subscribing to the goal and objectives. In this Association, affiliation is the primary form of membership with basic benefits.

The Friend-category allow members of the public access to general information and the daily electronic newsletter. Friends are welcome to join as an Affiliate or an Associate to enjoy more support and to join the monthly online workshops, webinars and more.

How it works

Working with us will be a journey with clear mileposts to give you clear direction and confidence to progress from one post to the next.

The fees are affordable and there is no hidden cost.

Friend: Donation

Associate: R 600 per annum

Affiliate: R 300 per annum

  1. After you completed the registration form and payment process you will be sent a welcome letter via email. This email will help you to start the induction process.
  2. The Induction Workshop is online and you can complete it at your own pace. The associates typically like this part of the journey, because it helps them to understand the workings and processes of the Association for Christian Ministries.
  3. After the completion of The Induction Workshop, you receive your membership certificate, with a downloadable code of ethics. These two documents can be printed to be displayed in your office or as part of your CV.
  4. These two documents enhance public trust in the fact that you take the ministry seriously and you voluntarily submit to an external association’s code of ethics.
  5. You also get access to the weekly Wisdom for Ministry. Wisdom for Ministry is built on the online LMS platform and is divided into modules. Each module consists of 12 monthly sessions. A session for the week will be uploaded on a Friday. After every 12 month cycle, there will be a short assessment and then your participation certificate will be ready to download.

Associates are people who take their calling seriously and have a greater desire to belong. They want to make a difference in the lives of fellow ministers and encourage younger and less experienced people to excel in making a difference.

Associates have access to the resource centre, including:

  • Books reviews and articles
  • Recommended reading
  • Can submit articles for review to be published
  • Can be invited to serve on various committees

(This list of additional benefits will expand as the Association for Christian Ministries grows)

The resource centre will have six main focus areas:

  • People – ministering to people
  • Purpose – doing the right things
  • Processes – using the right tools
  • Performance – getting the right results
  • Plant–sowing, planting and harvesting
  • Prayer – conversation with God and intercession

The management team of the Association for Christian Ministries plan to present an annual conference.

This voluntary association is not an open-ended entity, therefore there are exclusions:

  • This is not an employment or advertising opportunity.
  • This is not a professional body that provides designations and professional covering.
  • No continuous professional development (CPD) points are required because the Association for Christian Ministries makes training available.

Affiliates and Associates may display their certificates and copy of the code of ethics, but they cannot use the logo for any other purposes.

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